Monday, 31 May 2010

Exciting News!

This week was the Nottinghamshire Stars Awards. The evening was very swish, I really enjoyed the delicious food and star decorations! Due to a strange stomach upset and not deciding on a dress until the day before the awards I was seriously behind with my preparations. Fortunately Rachel of Tattered Rose stepped in to make me a necklace and earring set in the nick of time.

Rachel even included a lucky horseshoe charm on the end of the extension chain. This turned out to indeed be lucky as I was amazed to find out I'd won Outstanding Young Manager! Here is a picture of me collecting the award and wearing my stunning necklace.

Friday, 7 May 2010

this week

things that have made me smile;

  • baby giggles, mainly stemming from some funky dance moves we've invented!
  • baby babble especially while 'reading' a book; abada ba daba aberda abch abcha
  • being nominated in the Nottingham Star Awards - cheers Chlo!
  • blossom; on the trees, on the pushchair wheels or on the breeze, all beautiful
  • my neighbours and the fantastic community spirit where I live
  • steam trains

things that made me grrr;
  • the election results
  • the loss of a really good MP in Broxtowe
  • the fact that if only 200 people had voted for him rather than someone "too busy to answer emails" he would still be in office
  • lack of sleep, I wish I was one of those people who could just get on with life regardless and not be grumpy and/or dependant on coffee, chocolate and cake
  • vandals oh how I wish I could make them see the heartache and financial implications of what they do
  • not having enough hours in the day and being very prone to wasting the ones I do have

blog editing

I really don't get on with it. It reminds me of all the reasons I hated myspace. Why the hell does it have to be complicated to just have a plain background or pick the colours you like? Why do you have to conform to a limited selection of naff templates. And why after an hour and half a box of chocolates do I still not have a blog I like the look of? I know that over the age of around 20 you start losing brain cells but surely at 29 I still have sufficient to create something that would probably take the average 12 year old 10 minutes.

I did plan to talk about the high and low lights of my week on a bead, baby and random basis but I guess that'll have to wait till another day.........

a blog about writing a blog

So I've finally sat down to write a blog for the bead shop but can't decide whether to write a blog purely about the shop or one about the shop and me or two separate ones. That and I don't really know where to start. Maybe a glass of something alcoholic, a cup of tea or some chocolate would help.....